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    Authentic Assessment K-12 Setting

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    As a student in the K-12 setting, how was your learning assessed?
    As a teacher, how do you (or will you) assess your students' learning?
    Define the concept of "authentic assessment." Were you assessed "authentically"?

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    As a student in the K-12 setting, my learning was assessed in limited, very "old school." rigid ways: tests, quizzes, and essays. There was little to no differentiation in the assessment forms used. My learning style was largely ignored when assessing my knowledge or skills, sadly. Most of the assessments used were summative, rarely formative in nature.

    As a teacher, I will assess students' learning more equitably and diversely to ensure that differentiation occurs. I will consider students' learning styles when assessing and use multiple modes. I will integrate formative assessment to not only give feedback but also to adjust my teaching to improve students' learning. I will also infuse pre-assessment strategies ...

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