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Learning Style Reflection

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• What is your preferred learning style?
• Were you able to use your learning style when you were a student in the pre-K through 12 setting? Why or why not?
• Do you think it will be important for you to assess your students' preferred learning styles? Why or why not?
• How do you assess your students' learning?
• Why do you assess your students' learning that way?
• Does this style of assessment reflect your beliefs/understanding about student learning? Explain your statement.
• How would you "ideally" like to assess your students' learning?
• What obstacles prevent you from this "ideal"?
• How can you remove or minimize those obstacles?

Please provide at least 3-5 scholarly APA references

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• What is your preferred learning style?

My preferred learning style encompasses auditory, tactile, and kinesthetic.

• Were you able to use your learning style when you were a student in the pre-K through 12 setting? Why or why not?

Due to the rigidity and limitations of traditional testing when I was a student in the pre-K through 12 setting, I was not able to utilize my style on assessments since they were more about rote memorization or read and recall passages, not applying, creating, synthesizing, and actively engaging with content, as my style warranted.

One article shows how authentic assessment now can infuse different learning styles, unlike traditional assessments of the past:

Tomlinson, C. A., & Germundson, A. (2007). Teaching as Jazz. Educational Leadership, 64(8), 27-31.

The authors maintain that "Teachers create and use assessments as teaching tools as well as measurements. For example, in a math unit on measurement, Mr. Tyler had students work in teams to propose a plan for a zoo housing elephants, apes, snakes, birds, and tropical fish, using a prescribed area. Students had to take into account the animals' needs for both space and water. Mr. Tyler observed students as they worked, noting areas in which they misunderstood concepts. Before students finalized their plans, he led the class in a problem-solving session in which he guided students to clarify ideas and skills that they had not fully grasped and that were sticking ...

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500 words of notes and references reflect briefly upon assessment types for a students' learning.

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