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    Outline for Montessori learning theory

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    I need help filling in my outline with information on a customized learning theory on Montessori theory.
    I. Introduction
    II. Learning Theory and its importance
    III. Description of an effective teacher and learning environment (be sure to include discussions of direct instruction, technology, motivation, classroom management. See below.)
    IV. Learning Characteristics: How does your customized theory address multimodalities and ability grouping?
    V. Personal Reflection: What is the relationship of your personal Learning Styles Profile, Study Skills Inventory, and Philosophical Methodology of Learning Profile to creating your customized learning theory?
    VI. Conclusion.

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    Outline for a customized learning theory on Montessori theory:

    I) Introduction
    - explain what Montessori ' theory of learning is
    - share a brief history of how this method of teaching became so popular- for instance- Dr. Montessori began by developing a teaching strategy for children who were considered "unteachable" in the traditional school settings.
    - describe the population it initially served

    II) Learning theory and its importance
    - in detail explain Montessori's theory such as the three elements that distinguishes their schools : structured learning environment with freedom to learn at your own development pace and choose your area of interest and ...

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    Customized learning theory like Montessori is method that develops the student' love for learning. Teacher's are facilitators and guide learning.