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Federally Regulated Programs

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With Maria Montessori program which you believe best serves the interests of children and their families. Describe the features from that program you would likely incorporate in your own classroom. Be sure to cite specific examples from the reading to substantiate your post.

What are the Head Start performance standards? Why are the Head Start programs more regimented than private preschools? How does this allow for differentiation in the various developmental stages of a child?

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Head Start performance standards are clearly reiterated in this solution. References are also provided to justify the assertions.

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The Montessori Method:

Maria Montessori has influenced many schools around the world with her method. In early childhood programs, the focus of experiencing is essential. Learning is a natural process in life, however, Montessori found the first three years of life to be highly influential. The importance of academic learning is not only stressed but includes the emotional and spiritual learning as well. Our contributions to the world in our own unique ways can truly make a difference in our ...

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