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    Implementing Different Learning Styles

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    How will you design instruction to embrace several different learning styles in a classroom situation?

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    Learning styles include two different approaches: a learner's preferred method to intake information personally, and a learner's preferred social setting for learning. The first of the two addresses aural, or listening; visual, or seeing; and tactile, or hands-on learning.

    To differentiate in your classroom for these learning styles, simply vary your presentation. Do not use only one method: tell them, show them and then let them do it. That addresses all three modalities. You do not have to include all three on every lesson, but vary presentations so that all three modalities are addressed in approximately equal frequency (ideally).

    The second sort of learning style, social setting, involves people who prefer to learn alone in solitary splendor, where they have complete control over their finished product; people who prefer ...

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    Learning styles descriptions, and suggestions for implementing them in the classroom, with justifications. Web-based references for further study.