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Differentiated Instruction - Compact and Grouping

How are adjustable assignments, compacting, and grouping used in differentiated instruction? Provide a brief summary of each as well as a strategy for implementing each discussed in the reading. Imagine that you are providing professional development on these topics. Which strategies from your reading would you use? Which strategies would you omit if time constraints did not permit you to use all of them? How would you assess their understanding and implementation of the training?

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Adjustable assignments in differentiated instruction involve the teacher maintaining the capability to change the assignment or lesson plan according to the outcome of the student's performance or understanding of the original lesson plan. If a lesson plan needs to be changed, which would invariably entail changing the assignments akin to that lesson plan, the teacher has the autonomy to adjust the lesson plan accordingly. Compacting involves the ...

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Discusses adjustable, compacting, and grouping used in differentiated instruction