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Assessments and Differentiated Instruction for Gifted Students

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Imagine you are a teacher of a gifted classroom with students with multiple intelligence. I need a pre-assessment and post-assessment that would differentiate instruction that would support these students with multiple intelligences.

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Differentiated Instruction

As per Burggaraf, K, 2005, "Differentiated Instruction is a process of teaching and learning that begins with the premise that not all students are alike." Students learn according to their readiness, learning preferences and interests. This is the reason why effective teachers need to understand their students so that they can create instruction that will fit into their own individual strength. Among the things to be considered in providing diversity in instruction are the following: learning styles & levels, language proficiency, motivation, background knowledge, social and emotional development, and physical needs. With various teaching approaches and a curriculum that suits their learning styles, differentiated instruction can definitely cater to each student's needs and provides more opportunities for success.

Effective implementation of instructional strategies for the gifted students depends on how well the teacher makes it interesting and challenging to the ...

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