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    Gifted Classrooms and Multiple Intelligences and assessments

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    I have to compile at least five references related to assessment and feedback strategies in differentiated instruction for a gifted classroom and need help with the following. 

    Assume that you are a teacher in a gifted classroom with multiple intelligences represented among your students. Discuss a pre-assessment and post-assessment that would differentiate instruction to support their multiple intelligences.  How would you use feedback from these assessments to reflect upon and modify instruction within a gifted class?  Outline recommendations to colleagues about how differentiated instruction would help them in their teacher role as well as how it might improve outcomes for students.

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    Peer Coaching to Improve Classroom Differentiation: Perspectives from Project CLUE. By: Latz, Amanda O.; Speirs Neumeister, Kristie L.; Adams, Cheryll M.; Pierce, Rebecca L. Roeper Review. Jan-Mar2009, Vol. 31 Issue 1, p27-39.

    INTELLIGENCE STRUCTURE OF 16-18 YEARS OLD INTELLECTUALLY GIFTED STUDENTS. (English). By: ?imelionien?, Aida; Gintilien?, Gra?ina. Psichologija / Psychology. 2011, Vol. 44, p42-56.

    Differentiated Instruction for Gifted Business Students: The Other Side of the Coin. By: McCoy, Kathleen M.; Rader, Martha H. Journal of Applied Research for Business Instruction. 2008, Vol. 6 Issue

    Differentiated Instruction: Inclusive Strategies For Standards-Based Learning That Benefit The Whole Class. By: Lawrence-Brown, Diana. American Secondary Education. Summer2004, Vol. 32 Issue 3, p34-62

    An Investigation of the Reliability and Factor Structure of Four New Scales for Rating the Behavioral Characteristics of Superior Students. By: Renzulli, Joseph S.; Siegle, Del; Reis, Sally M.; Gavin, M. Katherine; Sytsma Reed, Rachael E. Journal of Advanced Academics. Fall2009, Vol.

    The most commonly used pre-assessment tool for assessing potentially gifted students and determining the instructional methodology that ...

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    This solution provides five peer reviewed scholarly journal references on how a teacher for a gifted classroom would develop pre-assessments and post-assessments to develop differentiated instruction to support their multiple intelligences.