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    Video Game Violence, Multiple Intelligences

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    Interview with Dr. Craig Anderson: Video Game Violence
    Sarah Howe
    Jennifer Stigge
    Brooke Sixta

    An Educator's Journey toward Multiple Intelligences
    Scott Seider

    Write a summary and describe the main points of the article.
    Evaluate the article on the basis of your own thoughts and perspectives on the topic covered.

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    As you write a summary of article 1, it offers a comprehensive summary of one educator's experience with multiple intelligences. It shows how MI embodies eight intelligences to encourage problem solving. It offers a more well-rounded way of viewing intelligence, not as limited or rigid as traditional notions.

    As you describe the main points of the article, the author defines MI, presents misconceptions about it, showcases its impacts, and tries to articulate the truths about MI theory. The author proves that it is not a magic fix for students or teachers; instead, the author reiterates how it "served as a reminder to educators to ...

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