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    Ways of Measurements

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    You are interested in whether video game playing increases adolescent risk-taking behavior or not. Discuss different ways in which "video game playing" could be measured, considering the way in which the data would be collected, the time frame of measurement, the type of video games of interest, and any other relevant information.

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    This is a complicated question. To explore this question scientifically, we first need to determine if we can carry out an experimental study, in which we researchers can control and manipulate conditions to which the participants are exposed; or an observational study, where we identify participants and then collect similar data from each of them, looking for relationships. In either event, we will need data from more than one time period per participant, making this a longitudinal study. We will also need a good operational measure of ...

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    Discusses different kinds of data that might be collected around a single kind of behavior - video game playing" - and how they might fit into either an experimental or observational study design.