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Hypothesis Testing and Statistical Measurements

You have been fortunate enough to receive a grant from a foundation studying pain in arthritis victims under the age of 30. You have not found a lot of people, but you think that you may have identified something that works pretty good. They are measured on an established scale pain scale from 20 (not much pain) to 100 (a lot of pain). You had already started treating them in two different ways before you realized, "Boy-howdy, I should have taken pain measurements at the beginning." All you can do now is a measurement on both groups at the end of three months, but you can do that. Assuming that they all started with about the same scores, here's the pain scores at the end for your six patients, three in each group.

Traditional Nontraditional
Heat/stretching acupuncture/deep massage/diet

45 34
50 29
38 41

a. Write null hypothesis for this research.
b. What is the level of measurement used in this research?
c. Are the two groups being measured the same or independent?
d. What inferential statistic would you recommend to determine if the difference between the two groups is significant?
e. Use another statistic and compare your answers.
f. Are the two groups significantly different from each other? (Show your work.)
g. Write a summary statement.


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