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    Effective communication techniques

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    This week's peer/mentor group meeting is all about statistical methods. Use the Discussion Board to discuss the goals of two statistical methods.
    You might want to discuss hypothesis testing as one of your statistical method since you need this information

    Use effective communication techniques.
    Describe the goals of various statistical methodologies conceptually

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    The goal of statistical methodologies is to investigate causality, and in particular to draw a conclusion on the effect of changes in the values of predictors or independent variables on a response or dependent variable.

    There are two types of causal statistical studies:
    - Experimental and
    - Observational

    In both types of studies, the effect of differences of an independent variable (or variables) on the behavior of the dependent variable are observed. The difference between the two types is in how the study is actually conducted.

    Experimental methodologies involve taking measurements of the system under study, manipulating the system, and then taking additional measurements using the same procedure to determine if the manipulation may have modified the values of the measurements. In ...