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Group Decision making and communicating

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Decision making in Groups and Effective Communication.Please provide notes, ideas, and research.

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There are several techniques that are used for improving decision making in groups. These techniques can be used to improve decision making. When a group is discussing in a face to face situation, computerized group decision making support systems are very helpful. If there is no face to face meeting, computer supported collaborative work improves the performance of decision making. Other techniques that improve group decision making are the delphi technique, nominal group technique, and brainstorming. In the delphi technique written feedback is received and helps aggregate viewpoints. One of the strongest group methods of decision making is the nominal group technique. This is suitable for fact finding or a search of a solution to a problem.

Step 2
One of the greatest challenges for group decision making is that the group has to implement the decisions. Under such circumstances, decisions made by one person, two persons, or even a majority in the group may be counterproductive. Under such circumstances the decision has to be made by reaching a consensus. Even when there is a consensus there is a ...

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