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decision-making model

These are the questions:

1. I need help finding a decision-making model.

2. I need to describe the model and apply it to a job related decision.

3. I need to identify all the steps in the chosen decision -making model and describe how critical thinking impacted the decision.

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Decision making model:

We will also take a hypothetical decision to implement new control procedures or accounting softwares to remove inaccuracies and inefficiencies in accounting practices in an organization.

- Clarify purpose and boundaries of the decision
- Gather information
- Identify who is affected by the decision
- Identify who will make the decision (individual or group)
- Identify what knowledge or expertise is needed to make the decision
- Identify what information or resources currently exist to help with the decision making process
- Define by when the decision needs to be made
- Communicate to affected parties who is making the decision and the rationale for it.

In our hypothetical example, we will clarify what areas need to be improved in accounting in order to arrive at the correct decision or chosing the right alternative. According to this model, individual or team will be selected to analyze the whole situation. We ...

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decision-making model