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    Polwalski Manufacturing

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    Axel Polwalski, CEO of Polwalski Manufacturing Group, has successfully obtained the board of director's approvals for the location of the new manufacturing facilities in the United States and China. Briefly describe your experience in using the three decision-making models as applied to this scenario. This task is to be a summary explanation of the decision-making models and how they can be effectively implemented.

    The three decision-making models you encountered and applied are the following:

    * Rational choice
    * Competing values
    * Judgment heuristics

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    //Prior to talking about three decision making models and their way to implement, we will first of all talk about decision making models in general sense to increase your knowledge in this regard. So, firstly we will talk about decision making models under the heading of Introduction: //


    In all phases of management, decision making plays a crucial role to solve out the problem or attain the anticipated result. In general terms, it helps in arriving at a decision as to choosing which one to apply. Thus, it is conceived that decision making models or process is a key causal factor in the success of management & organization reaching at a sound decision (Drucker, 2001).

    With these models, one can easily analyze condition in the environment that would endlessly aid the management in taking a good decision. Besides that it also helps the managers to easily identify, develop, examine and compare various alternatives available to them. Through adopting decision making models the management can easily selected a best choice with which it has to gone ahead to meet out its specified targets i.e. expansion, growth, etc. (Drucker, 2001). On whole, decision making models reflect the specific or efficient way to take decision.

    //Above we have talked about decision making models that greatly aid in reaching at the good or sound judgments. As per directions, in this part we will give summary explanation of 'Rational choice' decision making model and its implementation.//

    Rational choice:

    Rational choice is commonest type of decision making model that is founded on cognitive judgment style in which favorable and unfavorable points of each option are analyzed. Basically, this model is coordinated around preferring the alternative that is ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1103 words with references.