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Rational decision making models

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Research the Internet and available textbooks for rational decision making models. Discuss your findings in terms of the models you found versus the model offered by Bazerman and Moore on pp 2-3 of your text. 200-300 words APA format

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//As per the directions, the focus of the discussion here is the Rational Decision Making Models. After describing the identified model, there will be a comparison of the model with the model offered by Bazerman and Moore. It will assist in understanding the decision making process in different situations, having different consequences.//

Rational Decision Making Models

Business managers often have to take decisions that could be easy or typical at various points of time depending on certain factors. Theorists have presented different models that can help in rational decision making to help a decision work effectively. The focus in a rational decision making model is given on systematically selections among possible choices. Rational decision making is a multi step model, which helps in taking logically ...

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