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    Rational choice incompeting values and heuristics models

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    Your manager, Mr. Myers, has just received an e-mail from the board of directors informing him that he has the responsibility of creating your next assignment for the promotion. Because Mr. Myers is behind on his work around the office, he gives you the assignment of preparing a memo for the next staff meeting. He explains to you that the memo should be sent out to all the employees prior to the staff meeting, and it should include a description of your experience using the 3 decision-making models (rational choice, competing values, and judgment heuristics). He also explains that the memo should outline the complexity of the 3 decision-making models.

    The 3 decision-making models are as follows:

    Rational choice
    Competing values
    Judgment heuristics

    You must submit a memo consisting of 900-1,300 words in which you discuss your experience using the 3 decision-making models.

    You must address the following in your memo:

    Discuss in detail the rational choice model.
    Discuss in detail the competing values model.
    Discuss in detail the judgment heuristics model.
    Explain your experience using the rational choice model.
    Explain your experience using the competing values model.
    Explain your experience using the judgment heuristics model.

    Assess the relevance of each of these approaches to specific decisions. Apply each of the three models to complex business decisions.

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    In designing the processes for implementation of effective strategy, the outlining of decision models are useful to communicating the final decision. By outlining the specific elements involved in reaching a desired outcome, it can accomplish the company's goals.

    Let's take a look at an example how a memo can outline the core concept relating to rational choice, competing values, and judgment heuristics:

    Attn: Employee Staff

    In the pursuit for company success, the road towards accomplishing set goals entails utilizing effective decision making skills. The process to gaining a new perspective within the decision making model that provides a consensus to outlining alternative options. By using a rational choice, competing values, and judgment heuristics platform, it offers a proactive way to being aware of alternative options that can lead to effective decision making.

    Rational choice is a framework of thought for processing available options based on direct impact towards social and economic behavior influences. In analysis, the rational choice utilizes several philosophical aspects in assisting in the process of human decision making modeling. Applying the mode of assumption of the behavior of individual's impact due to ...

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    The analysis in rational choice as a measure to defining the competing values associated with heuristics models. In defining the competing values the understanding to how judgment is assigned can render an effective outcome for businesses to meeting their goals.