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    Corporate Communication: Categorizing Employees

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    You are working in the Corporate Communications department of your organization. You would like to categorize the internal stakeholders into groups so that you can communicate effectively with them. On the basis of hierarchy, department or roles, categorize the employees into five groups. Specify the reasons for this categorization. Spell out which form of media will be most effective with which group, and why.

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    The five groups of employees are:

    1. Top level/division managers-though they may manage different processes, they all share the same types of responsibilities for the success of their divisions and for their division's part in carrying out the organization's mission and conveying it to front line managers. All managers at this level are consulted for their knowledge and expertise, to help develop the business strategy and division managers typically have several years of management experience, to help guide them in making decisions. Managers at this level are usually very comfortable with analyzing written reports and data, for decision making. The best form of media to reach this group is the formal written report, though it should be short, concise and to the point. Use of graphics such as charts or graphs is useful for this group, to convey the message. They often have limited time to review information and graphics help them summarize the key points or conclusions more quickly.

    2. Line or department managers-This group may also be involved in decision making activities. They must turn the organization's mission into results, using their communication skills and by making the most of available innovation. They are motivators for workers and responsible for the ...

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