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Training for Organizational Change

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Your firm is going through a restructuring phase. As a part of the restructuring, several new people are expected to be hired, several may be reassigned to new roles and sent to training programs for the new role, some business operations are expected to move overseas, and a few selected employees will be sent overseas to train the overseas employees. The human resources director has asked you to guide the team of HR managers in developing a plan for adding and developing the new capacity of human resources for the new jobs. Please note that the market is very tight for the resources and supply is limited. Clearly explain your plan in detail.

For this I want you to assume that the subsidiaries abroad have been newly acquired. The staff of the subsidiaries needs to be trained to your company methods of working as new jobs are moved there. This is more an organizational culture matter than a technical one.

o In addition to technical expertise what else do those going abroad need to know?
o How do they acquire this ability?
o How do you asses they have it?

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Plan for hiring and training:

The company should not only hire experienced employees who have extensive experience of working in multicultural environments, preferably in the countries where the company is planning to expand, as well as possess extensive experience of working as an expatriate. This will minimize the training needs of the company for such employees who are to be sent on expat assignments in the different countries. Such experienced employees will only need to be trained about the company, its businesses, corporate culture,etc.

Further, the existing employees who will need to work closely with these newly hired expats, employees located in offshore offices,etc. will also need to be trained by the HR team and experienced professionals on cross cultural working styles. ...

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In addition to technical expertise what else do those going abroad need to know?

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