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Human Resources Organizational and Training Development

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What is organizational development and why is it important? How is management development connected to organizational development? What are three organizational development strategies that you would recommend within an organization?

There are four levels of analysis for determining the needs that training can fulfill (Byars & Rue, 2008):
1. Individual analysis - the individual's training needs.
2. Organization analysis - the training needs of the organization.
3. Operations analysis - steps an employee must take in order to perform in the job.
4. Demographic analysis - determining where in the organization there is a need for training.
How can you incorporate these analysis in developing your training programs within a company? Is there one specific analysis that would prove to be more beneficial to you when developing your training program?

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Organizational development is a planned, organized effort to increase organizational effectiveness. The effort must be planned from the top. It is a planned intervention in the organizational processes. In modern business Organizational development is important because it helps organizations build capacity to change and achieve greater effectiveness. It also helps achieve synergies among organizational structure, process, strategy people, and culture by developing new and creative organizational solutions. It is important because it helps strengthen interpersonal relationships, helps team building, improves morale, and reduces employee turnover. Moreover organizational development makes the firm more adaptable.
Management development is intrinsically related to organizational development. Organizational development has the objective of making the organization effective. Management development makes managers more effective. Management development enhances the skills, competencies, and knowledge of managers. This enhancement is done through informal or formal methods. Effective management is critical for organizational development. If the ...

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