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Human Resources: Employee Training and Career Development

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Employee Training & Career Development

? Write, in your own words, a paper addressing the following:

o Explain the role of employee development in an organization.
o Describe at least three (3) employee development methods and their benefits.
o Analyze the relationship between employee development and organizational development.
o Describe how the role of human resource management impacts career development and employee retention.

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Employee Training and Career Development
Employee development in an organization involves employees gaining the knowledge and skills to better themselves within the organization and in their careers. When the skill level increases, the intellectual behavior increases in a positive way. It enables employees to meet the challenges of their jobs and also to progress in moving up in the company. As regulations and certifications change in the work world, employees must come up to the standard in order to have the organization compete at the industry level.
Three employee development methods and their benefits are as follows:
1) Training Courses
Employers can provide external or internal training programs that are conducted by certified third party instructional organizations. These would be attended on company premise or at the main campus of the instructional school. Courses that are offered such as these enhance not only the intellectual knowledge that the employee will gain, but also the social knowledge gained from meeting other employees at other companies in the same field. There is a lot to learn from others in the same work position at other organizations. Ideas, innovations, problems, and solutions can all be shared and the learning experience is invaluable. It gives employees a new perspective and the knowledge that they are not alone.
2) Mentoring
Job mentoring is becoming more popular in the work environment. It is where a skilled professional comes to the workplace or is already employed by the organization and mentors the worker. This helps the employee to expand his or her knowledge by seeing work ...

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