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    Human Resources Performance Management

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    1. Explain the relationship between training and organizational development. How might each contribute to strategic human resource management?
    2. Do performance management systems usually measure the right things? How can performance management systems encourage performance that is more consistent with long-range rather than short-range issues?
    3. How does global human resource management differ from domestic human resource management?

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    Relationship between Training and Organizational Development
    Training caters to honing technical and non technical skills of employees, which in turn enhances the competency of the organization. Organizational development (OD) refers to expanding the knowledge and effectiveness of people to accomplish more successful organizational change and performance ("Organizational development theory", n.d). OD is a continuous process which entails diagnosis, planning, implementation and evaluation. It has expanded in recent times to help organizations align with rapidly changing and complex environments. Organizational development can be successful only when there is learning throughout the organization, and knowledge management. Training is an effective way of achieving goals and objectives of organization. Training helps employees acquire new knowledge and skills which are necessary for organization to implement planned change. Training programs can be focused at managing change within the work environment. For example the organization can choose to replace the existing software system with new ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system to improve organizational performance by being able to better manage information. However, the new system or the change would ...

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