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    HRM and Performance Appraisal

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    I need help in writing an article regarding Human resources strategic plan on Guinness brewery in Malasia and Nigeria.

    The main topic is performance appraisal and evaluation procedures on these two countries.

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    //Before writing about the performance and evaluation process in Malaysia & Nigeria followed by Guinness Brewery, it is essential to have knowledge about the Human Resource Strategic Plan in Malaysia & Nigeria developed by Guinness Brewery. One should know about the main aspect of 'Strategic Human Resource Plan'.//

    HRM and Performance Appraisal


    The strategic human resource plan can be defined as an integration of human resource management with the strategic goals and corporate strategy so as to improve the business performance and achieve organizational goals. Guinness Brewery was opened in Malaysia in the year 1964. In Malaysia, Guinness Brewery is one of the largest beverage organizations. Guinness Brewery was found in Nigeria in the year 1962. It shares the Nigerian market with Unilever.

    Human Resource Strategic Plan in Malaysia & Nigeria

    The human resources strategic plan includes all the aspects related to human resource. Performance appraisal and evaluation are the important parts of the human resource strategic plans of an organization. Performance appraisal and evaluation constitute a systematic and periodic review of the performance of ...

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    The response address the queries posted in 700 words with references.