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International HRM for Starbucks in China

You are in charge of HR for a company that has recently moved into a new country. (China) You have been asked to provide a report on considerations needed for new employees. (Starbucks)

Analyze the organizational development practices and make recommendations on how to increase the following:

The counrty is China and the company is Starbucks.

Describe the performance appraisal and evaluation considerations.


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In China the employees have a hard work ethic. For extremely low pay they are willing to work for long hours. Often the pay is one tenth of what an average American is paid.

The performance appraisal in China Starbucks will be based on five indicators. The first indicator is the speed of service. The second performance indicator shall be the quality of coffee prepared. The third performance indicator shall be the punctuality of the person in reporting to work. The fourth performance indicator shall be interpersonal communication skills including fluency in English. The fifth performance indicator is the ability to maintain a clean and ...

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