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    Post-Acquisition Trends in HRM Practices

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    There are many post-acquisition trends in HRM practices. As a HRM, which country's trends make the most sense to you? Why?

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    USA'S post-acquisition trends in HRM practices make the most sense. The HRM practices in this country (Dowling, 2007) are in line with the role that a human resource manager in any organization must have to play.

    These practices along the basic HRM functions include:

    1. Recruitment. Short -term
    The role of a human resource manager is bringing people to an organization. This is consistent with a basic objective which is to ensure that an organization is equipped with adequate and appropriate number of people at any given time. This could hardly be achieved if the recruitment process is made long -term, as practiced in other countries. Making the recruitment short - term, but with quality would allow the company to achieve this objective. Quality recruitment means well planned, correct instruments, correct recruitment policies and procedures and performed by qualified and competent personnel.

    2. Training. High; on course
    This is also in line with HRM's basic role which is to help people perform their work. Training is conducted in order to ensure that personnel are equipped with the needed knowledge and skills in performing their current jobs (Cherrington, 1995).

    Putting high emphasis on this aspect would provide an employee with the necessary tools to perform his functions better. This is not only for his own good but for the sake of the organization as a whole.

    It must be noted that a human resource manager ...

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