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Moneyball: How does it relate to HR management?

In terms of the movie 'Moneyball':

1. How does it relate to human resource management?

2. What can this movie teach you about HRM?

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Money Ball

Human resource management (HRM) is the act of creating a high performance workforce that enables an organization to maintain a competitive advantage by hiring the most qualified candidates that will enable an organization to succeed within the specified industry. In the movie Money Ball (MB) you witness the role of HRM and how restructuring a workforce may significantly impact the organizations performance as a whole. Billie Beane, was responsible for reversing the teams losing streak into a winning streak, the only way he accomplish this is by closely examining the current players and reduce or eliminate low performers. The movie dealt specifically with two ...

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In relation to the movie Moneyball, this solution discusses human resource management and what can be understood about human resource management through the movie. 404 words with one reference.