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HR and HRM in an Organization

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After selecting and organization please fill in each part. Each part needs to be between 2-3 pages

Part 1
? What is your reference organization?
? What does it do?
? What is your perception of the HR department at this organization?
? In what ways, if any, does it play a 'strategic' role?

Part 2
What role does / should HR outsourcing play in your organization, and how does / should that relate to strategic HRM?

Part 3
Please evaluate the effectiveness of your organization's work-life policies and practices.

Part 4
? Analyze the relative strengths and weaknesses of employee and, where relevant, industrial relations in your organization.
? What can your organization do to improve such relations?

Part 5
? Assess the strengths and weaknesses of the performance management system in your organization.
? What recommendations would you make to improve this system?

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This solution uses the PepsiCo case study to outline the role of HR outsourcing in an organization and how it relates to strategic HRM.

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