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Action and People Oriented HRM

Explain how action-oriented HRM departments differ from people-oriented HRM departments. Provide an example of each style.

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Action-oriented HRM emphasizes on the human approach to problem solving rather than using the legal approach to stop conflict. Rational policies are also used to solve the concerns and problems of the employees. It is more than record-keeping and extends beyond the strict compliance of procedures and rules. The organization tries to help its employees develop their potentials to the fullest and encourage them to become the best that they can be so that they can give their best to the organization. The aim is to select and hire the best employees and a thorough preparation of jobs and clarification of their roles. The employees are paid satisfactory wages together with additional fringe benefits because the organization regards their welfare as something that is very important. Training and development of the staff is an essential core activity of the HRM. Among the key factors are Career Development, Personal Development, Supervisory Training, and more. The organization also provides safe work environment, ...