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    Contemporary Social Issue

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    Identify a social issue impacting the workplace which I would like to use diversity. Research a legal-oriented article discussing the selected issue. Write an executive summary and opinion addressing how this issue could influence employee productivity. Write the summary and opinion using the perspective of the HRM executive leader of the organization.

    Not really understanding this issue and need some guidance please!!

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    Diversity Impacting the Workplace - Executive Summary
    Diversity in the workplace is becoming more important to organizations world-wide. The Federal law protects the rights of women and minorities since the 1960s and 1970s. These laws need to be cultivated for the present times.
    According to an article written in the summer of 2010 on "Workplace Diversity" as found on Cornell University's ILR website, "It is usually defined broadly to include dimensions beyond those specified legally in equal opportunity and affirmative action non-discrimination statutes." Diversity affects everyone in an organization. My position as HRM Executive Leader, the concept of diversity needs to be fully understood by all levels of management in order to not have an adverse ...

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    Contemporary social issues are examined.