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War: inevitable or preventable?

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Historical Questions and Contemporary Issues:
Create a table as shown below listing the 6 historical questions on one side and contemporary issues you believe apply on the other side. As you can see I already listed the questions to which I need to add the Contemp. Issues. I have also attached a word Document explaining the 6 questions.
Associated with each question should be a contemporary issue you think might be solved by the answer to the question. Explain this matrix in approximately 700 words.

Historical Question Contemporary Issue

1. Is war inevitable?2. How can war be avoided today?
2.Is our life pre-determined that people are designed to be who they are?
3. If one's life is predetermined, therefore does that make history or the events that unfolded so far, that most believe in, to be history pre-determined too?
4.Is history cyclical or linear?
5.If all the events in the past before a person's birth did not happen, as they should have had, then is there a possibility in all likelihood that this person would not have been born?
6.Is a person a living result of all the human events, every single human event as influenced
by their situatedness (nature, geography, culture, conflict) that ever took place on earth?

Thank Much For Helping !

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Dear Student,
I took the liberty of improving upon the previous solution I created for you. I am glad that you are using it well in your studies of history. I have created a table for you that incorporates not just the Contemporary events in relation to the Historical question you present but also a section that explains the lessons learned from the past in terms of the contemporary issues/problems. I included a small discussion on History & Philosophy prior to the tables and as I cannot present the tables below, the full solution together is attached as a word file. I would be glad to help. Thank you for using Brainmass.

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Philosophy & History

It is worth at times to reflect upon the value of history by understanding the relations between distant & contemporary events and the correlations between them. History follows particular 'scientific' methods pioneered by Thucydides & made efficient & verifiable as well as relevant with the adaptation of social scientific ...

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This history essay provides answers to philosophical questions entangled with history - is war inevitable? Is life pre-determined? Is history Pre-determined? Is it cyclical or linear? Are human events predictable throughout the course of the Human Experiences? This solution is a discussion of the nature of history & the philosophies that guide it. To back up claims, it provides a table that incorporates not just the Contemporary events in relation to the Historical questions presented but also a section that explains the lessons learned from the past in terms of the contemporary issues/problems.

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