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    Communism, Fascism & Hitler's Policies

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    1. What gave rise to Communism in the Soviet Union and Fascism in Italy and Germany? What are the similarities and differences between these two governmental systems?

    2. Based on your reading, do you believe that World War II was avoidable or inevitable? Discuss the various responses to Hitler's policies, including responses to Mein Kampf and Axis aggression that led to World War II

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    On Russian Communism

    Communism in Russia stemmed from the ideas and application of this ideas to the running of the state by Vladimir Lenin who led the ruling Communist Party in the 1917 October Revolution. This organization remains today as the most powerful political party in Russia ruling the country's political, legal and social affairs, administering it from Leninist principles. While Communism might have stemmed from the ideas of Karl Marx, Stalin, the man behind the total conversion of Russia to communism fused the viewpoints of both men creating what he termed as 'Marxism-Leninism' version of social communism. Fundamentally, it is a theory that social revolution for the masses can only happen under a representative communist organization. It goes against the idea of capitalism wherein value, price and profit rule for these results to unequal access to opportunity and resources. A communist view makes production and benefits equal, in theory, to all citizens and restrictions and regulations are in place to combat abuse and ensure that the government and the country is run for the benefit of the masses and not individuals only. The working class ...

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