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    Contributions of Industrial Revolution to WWII

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    How did the rise of Industrial Capitalism eventually lead to WWII?

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    Industrial Capitalism and WWII

    First let's look at the facts of industrial capitalism - In the mid 18th century, Mercantilism was on the decline and a new group of theorists challenged the existing principles that were synonymous with Mercantilism. The idea that "the amount of the world's wealth remained constant and that a state could only increase its wealth at the expense of another state" (Wikipedia, 2011), the idea promoted by Mercantilism was challenged by David Hume and Adam Smith. This period saw the rise of Industrial Capitalism which was made possible because of the accretion of immense amounts of capital under the merchant phase of capitalism and its investment in machinery. With this, came the rise of the factory system for manufacturing, division of labor, habitual performance of tasks, and established the global domination of the capitalist mode of production (Velm, 2008).

    How did the rise of Industrial Capitalism eventually lead to WWII?

    Below is a list of events and contributions brought about by Industrial Capitalism that eventually led to WWII. Use these guidelines to complete your paper:
    ?During the Industrial revolution, there was a sharp decline in skilled workers who traditionally were artisans, journeymen, and others because the industrialists replaced the merchant.
    ?"Major characteristics of capitalism in this period included the establishment of large industrial cartels or monopolies; the ...

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    The solution discusses how the Industrial Capitalism contributed to World War II. It provides guidelines of of the events of the time and why certain situations brought about by Industrial capitalism eventually led to World War II.