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Agrarian society

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Discussion Questions
a. How did economic theory manifest itself in agrarian societies?
b. Which of the causes of the industrial revolution was the most important? Why?
c. What is the likelihood of a second industrial revolution in underdeveloped countries today?
d. What was the impact of warfare on the industrial revolution?
e. What is the relationship between economic theory and the industrial revolution?

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(a) Agrarian society means a society with a large population. In an n agrarian society the main factor for economic growth is the agricultural products and services. As far as agrarian society and the economic theory are concerned before the Second World War most of the economies in the world were influenced in the agrarian society. After the green revolution agriculture became e the main component of GDP for most of the countries. Barter system is the well known trade system in the agrarian society. So we can say that the economic theory ...

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