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The Timeline of the Origins of Sociology

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Create a timeline of the orgins of sociology as a discipline.

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This posting provides a timeline of the origins of sociology.

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This is a timeline of sociology events beginning with the pre-domestication revolution. This timeline will serve as a reference of historical events and how these events not only built modern-day society but also affected it. These events were chosen for the timeline because they contain a rationale for why sociological events were important to study over the years. Sociologists need to study the science of human group behavior in order to determine how different groups interacted with each other and how these interactions affected other aspects of society. With this information, we are afforded a clear understanding of how we function together as a society and how we can fix our social problems. These events literally reflect an existence of change. From pre-domestication to modern-day society, this timeline reflects how far society has truly come by ways of civilization. Looking over the events, one cannot help but to appreciate the diversity and knowledge of human behavior and development of culture. This also better helps us to understand what motives people to act in ways that affect the people around them. By reflecting on these aspects and learning from our past history as a society, we can achieve a much more equal society within which to co-exist.


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