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    Please provide help with an assignment on the causes and effects of ethnocentrism. Be sure to include a definition of ethnocentrism and a look at the origins of the term.
    Thank you.

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    First, to start with this, you should revisit your course materials - notes and course readings. There's a good chance you have a definition in there that you can provide a reference for which is part of what your instructor is looking for. Also there are a number of good sources you should be able to find via your library including the "Concise Encyclopedia of Sociology" and larger set "The Encyclopedia of Sociology" both edited by George Ritzer and published by Blackwell Publications. There would be a detailed explanation with examples in both books.

    Briefly, ethnocentrism is determining values and beliefs about a society by ...

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    This 414 word solution provides insight and advice on the cause and effects of ethnocentrism, including a review of the historic roots of the word and advise on how to approach researching the topic.