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    the movements of the new left

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    Create a timeline that shows how the movements of the new left were occurring simultaneously. Include key events and people under the dates with notes on what was happening in the years you pick.

    The purpose of this timeline is to give the big picture of how events in the 1960s occurred simultaneously. This timeline is an opportunity to choose the events, people, and thinking that are most important during this decade. Use the footnote feature to cite your references in this project.

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    Dear Student,

    When you make your own timeline, the information I am giving you is comprehensive and complete enough to guide you to create it. Since we are not a homework completion company, we can give notes only. We cannot make powerpoints or actual timelines due to our ethical stance. However, all my ideas help you to construct it. Hope this helps.

    As you formulate your gay rights movement timeline, I offer ideas and research to help you to make your own project:

    First of all, I'd definitely highlight how Harry Hay started initial, unofficial steps toward a gay rights in 1948. He might also be added on your timeline for these contributions to the movement. I advise you to pick and choose which are most pertinent for you:

    ?"1948 Conceives idea for "Bachelors for Wallace." Begins seeking support for starting a gay organization.
    ? 1950 Meets and begins relationship with Rudi Gernreich. On Dec. 11, holds first semi-public homosexual discussion group.
    ? 1951 "Mattachine Missions and Purposes" document adopted and first community dance is held. Divorce from Anita granted. Resigns from Communist Party.
    ? 1952 Mattachine organizes defense of Dale Jennings, gay man arrested in entrapment case. Genreich ends ...

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