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Globalizing Economy Labor Movement

Since the economy is globalizing, wouldn't it make sense for labor movements to become global as well? For information on one international labor movement, go to the following website: What are the advantages and disadvantages of a global labor movement? Go to the following website to check out a group called "United For a Fair Economy" and read about their ongoing projects to counteract economic inequalities:

How beneficial are these projects? Will they help workers in the low-wage service sector? Write a 2-3 page

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Part of understanding how to approach this question is to understand the history of national labor movements. For example, in the United States the classic labor movement, often referred to as the "Old Left", was comprised mainly of skilled male workers who were also typically white. As the US labor movement continues to respond to the global market and most notably its associated outsourcing and service based economy, the labor movement appeared to be in a kind of hiatus. But with new developments such as UNITE ...

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Globalizing economy labor movements are examined. The advantages and disadvantages of a global labor movement is determined.