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    Electroculography and reading

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    Electroculography is explained to show what happens when we read and what variables affect the reading of words.

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    Eye movements enable the visual system to acquire information by scanning the relevant aspects of the environment.

    Electroculography (EOG) is the process of measuring eye movements in different environmental contexts. The EOG measures electrical potential when the eyes move, by detecting potential differences between the cornea and the retina. EOG can record eye movements up to 70 degrees to the left and right of the central fixation to accuracy of about 1.5 - 2 degrees. It has been used to rapid eye movement in sleep deprivation studies, visual search and visual fixation during perception.

    Fixation of the eye is controlled by two different neural mechanisms (Guyton, 1977). A small area in the Premotor cortex of the ...

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    The solution shows an understanding of eye movements in reading, fixations, regression, and experiments about reading.