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    trinucleotide codons and amino acids

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    The order of nucleotides is critical in determining the amino acid that is encoded.
    What do the following trinucleotides code for: AAC, ACA, CAA, CAC?
    What would be the sequence of a protein consisting of a repeat of each of these trinucleotides? If the sequence was read in a different reading frame, how would this affect the protein product?

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    AAC codes for Asn
    ACA codes for Thr
    CAA codes for Gln
    CAC codes for His

    Therefore the first sequence:
    encodes Asn-Asn-Asn etc. in the first reading frame
    and Thr-Thr-Thr etc. in the second ...

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    This solution explains how the order of the nucleotides in a trinucleotide RNA codon affects the amino acid that is encoded. It gives examples of proteins encoded by repeating codons, and how the reading frame affects the protein produced.