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    translate mRNA

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    Please translate a nucleotide sequence: GGUUUCUUGAAGAGA.

    Explain the easiest way to do this and provide some general background information on mRNA translating.

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    ** Please see the attached file for the chart **

    In the attached document I have shown you how to translate this sequence and explained what to look for. In order to do this you need to use a codon chart. This chart can be found in any genetics textbook or if you search google for codon chart you will find many. I have copy and pasted one into the word document so you have one to use. I have only translated half this RNA sequence for you, the last two codons are for you to do based on my explanation and description of how. This is to make sure you understand how to do the problem on your own.

    Whenever you have a mRNA sequence as you have provided (I know it is RNA because it contains U instead of T and is single stranded not double stranded) the key ...

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    This solution provides a detailed tutorial that shows the easiest way to translate mRNA.