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    Understanding New Social Movements

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    • What are theories on social movements and new social movements?
    • How can social movements lead to large-scale social changes?
    • How does social media affect new social movements?

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    Social Movements
    • What are theories on social movements and new social movements?
    There are three theories that sociologists use to explain social movements:
    1. Deprivation theory
    2. Mass Society theory
    3. Structure Strain theory

    New social movements have been described as having appeared from the 1960s onwards, developing in the 1980s. These theories are "new" because they are in contrast to the "old" working class movement which was largely identified by Karl Marx and his challenge against capitalist society. Sociologists use new social movement theories to explain the role of social movements in post-industrial societies.

    New social movements, or NSMs, tend to be organized around issues such as gender, race, ethnicity, youth, sexuality, spirituality, countercultures, environmentalism, animal rights, pacifism, human rights, and such, which ...

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