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Social Movements reaction paper

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Come up with a brief comment or opinion as to the social movement within the last decade to these to two items

Item #1) I need a brief paragrah response or comment to the topic below.

The new environmental movement has grown significantly from earlier decades. Today, environmentalists and others have realized that the environment and human activity are connected. The concept of environmental justice has extended to ecofeminism, or the link between women's oppression and environmental degradation. Added to this is â??environmental racism, where hazardous or toxic wastes are stored or dumped near minority neighborhoods.

Another social movement that has been of note is the increased use of technology. Even though cell phones have been in the market for quite some time, they have been used more in the last decade by more people than before. Computers are still expensive, but still more affordable and operate better than their predecessors. Together with the Internet, people have been able to download files, shop, find spouses, or participate in activism.
A considerable amount of resources has gone toward education reforms. Textbooks are being rewritten; districts are trying to reduce the number of children per classroom, afterschool programs to help children with homework and socialization, not to mention extra standardized testing.

I believe another trend in social movements is that they are extending beyond the borders of the United States. Advocates in America are looking to other nations to fight for human rights, global health initiatives. The increased efficiency of communications has allowed for the speedy mobilizing and remobilizing of resources. (Brief comment or opinion on this topic)

Brief paragrah response, or comment on the topic below.

Social movements are organized collective activities to bring about or resist fundamental change in an existing group or society.
Throughout history there have been numerous social movements that have changed American culture forever. Examples of these would be human rights movements and feminist movements.
During the past decade social movements have become more and more global. A big movement which has received a lot of support is the movement to protect the environment and conserve resources. People now recycle, conserve electricity, and even drive fuel efficient cars on a regular basis. Another new social movement is the political movement known as tea parties. These are gatherings attended by certain individuals who are calling for less government spending and a reduction in the national debt. This movement isn't supported or understood by all, but is seen often in the media.
Social change has come in the form of the use of everyday terms. New terms are replacing old ones, such as the term gay replacing homosexual, senior citizen replacing old folks, and people with disabilities replacing handicapped. What does this mean for todays culture? I think that society is trying to move to a more simple way of life for our future generations, without giving up all the new technology that is out there. While society is becoming more impersonal by way of e-mail, text, and the internet, we're still trying to make the world a better place to live for those that follow behind us. It provides a group cloeness and feeling of accomplishment amist the use of cell phone and computer communication. (Brief comment or opinion on this topic.

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