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Social Movements

Why is social movement or social change important?

Is social movement or social change necessary?

How can social movement or social change benefit us presently and in the future?

Which theory works better for the social movement or social change? Functionalist, Conflict Theory or Evolutionary Theory?

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Social movements are deliberate and long-lasting forms of collective behavior. A social movement is defined as a long-term conscious effort to promote or prevent social change. Social movements may develop around any public issue. Thus, social movements are important and necessary. If a society doesn't meet the needs of its members that society will die.

Social movements have benefited the citizens of U.S. in the past. The social movements that led to the end of child labor, an increase in workplace safety, the right for women to vote and hold political office, and the equal rights for ...

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Social movements have occurred in almost every society. Why do they occur and are they necessary for change?