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    Social Protest Movements in Panama

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    Need a little more info:

    Research the types of social protest movements in Panama. Possible types of protest include environmental, feminist, peasant, labor, minority, indigenous, and religious protest, although not every nation will have experienced every type of protest in its history. Focus on examples of social protest, not social revolutions or general political history. Discuss specific examples of social protest, but it need not cover every type of protest in panama.

    1.What were the motivations or reasons given for protest? Are they linked to economic conditions?

    2.Often times, religious groups play a role in addressing social and economic problems. How have they been involved in panama?

    I found info on social secutiry protest, but not much addressing the questions. Could you add references to where the extra info comes from, so I can view that?

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    This solution examines examples of Social Protest Movements in Panama, including the motivations or reasons given for protest and if they were linked to economic conditions. It also looks at the role religious groups may play in addressing social and economic problems in Panama.