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Types of people who tend to become involved in social movements.

What kinds of people tend to become involved in movements, as contributors, elders, or sympathizers? Why do you think they became involved? Has a movement organization ever asked you to donate money or time to work for a cause? Did you? Why or why not? For those you found appealing, were there barriers to your participation? What are some contemporary movements you find repulsive? Why?

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Types Of People Who Tend To Become Involved In Social Movements:

Social movement refers to a group of people who come together to express their opinions or concerns about a specific idea or subject (Dobson, 2011). It refers to a type of group action and the term social movement was first introduced Lorenz von stein in 1850. People that find interest in the specific movement are people that tend to become involved in the movement. Some people invest only little time and efforts while others become core activists because people are not brought up together at the same level of intensity. The primary resource of a social movement is the commitment of its members and thus it must rely on the dedication of its members to get things done. The participants in a movement do things because they want to and not because they have to. The prime need of any social movement is motivation and maintaining morale of its participants since this movement depends on membership commitment .People that join a movement are the ones who hope for change that has been proposed by the movement (freeman, 1978).

The kinds of people who tend to become involved in movements as contributors, elders or sympathizers:

Contributors are participants who get involved in the movement and tend to invest in the ideas that have been presented by the movers and leaders within the movement. Contributors are of different types; there are those who sponsor the movement physically, financially, economically and ...

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The types of people who tend to become involved in social movements are determined.