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Social Movements that Change American Culture

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Throughout history there have been numerous social movements that have changed American culture forever. In the last decade, the Tea Party movement has done this. How has t changed American culture?

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One of the most influential movements of the last decade is the Tea Party Movement. This political movement has created protests and led to support for certain conservative and libertarian political candidates. The main issues they are raising awareness of are: reduced government spending, an opposition to taxation, the reduction of the national debt, and a return to a strict interpretation of the Constitution. The name Tea Party comes from the historical event the Boston Tea Party which was a protest led by colonists who objected a British tax on tea in 1773. It has no central leadership or membership requirements. The impact on our culture has only just begun to be measured. In the 2010 election, Tea Party-endorsed candidates forced a turn over in ...

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Throughout American history there have been a number of movements that have changed our culture. One of the most influential movements of the last decade is the Tea Party Movement.

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