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    Social Movements

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    Visit the Social Movements and Culture Resource website and familiarize yourself with one or more social movement. Choose one that interests you and conduct additional research on the topic. Post your results to the "Social Movements" discussion forum. Be sure that you include the following in order to determine the role that this social movement has had (or may have) in promoting social change:

    What conditions led to the start of these movements?
    How did these movements actually develop?
    What types of people joined these movements?
    Why did people join these movements?
    What were the positive and negative results of these movements?
    How and why did these movements end (if they have)?

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    Here is your solution. I took the liberty of expanding that powerpoint advice I gave you earlier with creating this environment-REPP social movement guide for you. Good luck!

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    Social Movement: The Renewable Energy Policy Project

    - Social movements are a form of group action wherein those who take part feel the need to do so, be it subversive or a positive action to achieve shared goals. From informal groupings they usually build on to become a form of secondary and/or referential grouping in a formal sense that by participation ,members share in a culture particular to the members of the group/movement from which they identify. The case study below is about an Environmental Social Movement.

    What REPP is About
    (as quoted from REPP'S Official Website)

    REPP's Mission (quoted)
    REPP's goal is to accelerate the use of renewable energy by providing credible information, insightful policy analysis, and innovative strategies amid changing energy markets and mounting environmental needs by researching, publishing, and disseminating information, creating policy tools, and hosting highly active, on-line, renewable energy discussion groups.

    What REPP Does (quoted)
    REPP supports the advancement of renewable energy technology through policy research. REPP seeks to define growth strategies for renewables that respond to competitive energy markets and environmental needs. Since its inception in 1995, REPP has investigated the relationship among policy, markets and public demand in accelerating the deployment of renewable energy, which include biomass, hydropower, geothermal, photovoltaic, solar thermal, wind and renewable hydrogen. The organization offers a platform from which experts in the field can examine issues of medium-to long-term importance to policy makers, green energy entrepreneurs, and environmental advocates.

    History of REPP

    In early 1995 the Department of Energy with a group of concerned individuals & companies met to discuss the possibility of working together to find avenues of alternative fuel knowing the effects of fossil fuel to the environment as well as the fact that when the reserves are exhausted would spell the end for fossil fuels. Both this reasons ...

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    This solution looks at the environmental social movement "The Renewable Energy Policy Project". It delves into its structure, programs, activities, concerns,impact, people & manner of distributing information as well as creating social presence to further the interest of the movement. It expands the analysis by looking at the negative & positive impact of the social movement unto the society it is focused to serve. This solution will also be of interest to those who are wanting to understand the dynamics of a 'green' & environmental social movement in discussions of renewable energy, climate change & global warming.