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Progressivism and the Spanish-American War

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1. Discuss the reform efforts of the Progressive era and the groups involved in those efforts.
2. Describe the methods used by the various states to bring about reforms in state governments during the Progressive era.
3. Discuss the involvement of women's groups in Progressive-era reform movements
4. Describe ways in which American culture was influenced by the Progressive movement
5. Explain the major reasons for the growing call in the late 1800s for the United States to develop an empire
6. Describe the first moves Americans made toward empire
7. Explain the major reasons for the Spanish-American War of 1898, and discuss the controversy over imperialism that developed after the war
8. Describe the growth of imperialism in America during the Progressive era
9. Discuss the reasons the United States entered World War I
10. Explain the effects of American entry into the war.
11. Describe the effects of the treaty that ended the war.

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The basic reform movement of the Progressivism Era came out as a result to the dominant reality of Big Business that had gripped post- Civil War America. The reform efforts used by the Progressivism were to galvanize public support on both political and social levels. The Progressive Era reformers sought to galvanize change in both "top down" and "bottom up" approaches because change and transformation were the critical elements of the reform movement. Groups such as those who wanted to advance the cause of women's rights to vote as seen in the Suffrage Movement, as well as those who wanted to greater enfranchise the condition of people of color found other allies of reform in the individuals who wanted to restrict the dominance of big business and demand change for those who were economically silenced as a result of this growth. States found that adoption of these methods were evident in political measures such as developing referendums and recall methods that challenged political party operatives that gained strength from entrenched power. For example in Wisconsin, Bob LaFollette challenged the party insiders, the individuals he called "Stalwarts" that he ...

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This solution traces the development of Progressivism through the Spanish-American War.

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