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Key Terms in US History

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The important terms which had impacted US history are given below.
1. Progressivism
2. Muckrakers
3. Robert La Follette
4. Margaret Sanger
5. Square Deal
6. Theodore Roosevelt
7. William Howard Taft
8. Federal Reserve Act
9. Pancho Villa
10. Lusitania
11. Zimmermann Note
12. George Creel
13. Fourteen Points
14. 19th Amendment
15. League of Nations
16. Prohibition
17. Scopes Trial
18. Henry Ford
19. Harlem Renaissance
20. Washington "Disarmament" Conference 1921-1922
21. Calvin Coolidge
22. Warren Harding
23. Teapot Dome Scandal
24. Herbert Hoover

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1. Progressivism:
Progressivism is a series of economic, social and moral reforms in 20th century against wide ranging abuses.
There is an outcry against corporate abuses and unhealthy practices. Voices were raised against political corruption, tenements, lynching, alcohol, and monopoly. Some of the political reforms were secret ballot, initiative, referendum, recall, and direct primary. Other reforms were in the field of health and environment. One of the key issues during the progressive era was Women Suffrage.
The era is so important because it marked changes in American society. There were revolutionary changes in the field of civil rights, black empowerment, business monopoly and voting rights for women.
2. Muckrakers: Muckrakers were a group of journalists who had exhibited the political corruption in American society
The muckrakers published a series of articles and cartoons against political corruption. Some of the leading writers were Thomas Nast, Lincoln Steffens, Jacaob Ris, Ida. B. Wells, Frank Norris, Ida Tarbell, and Upton Sinclair.
The term was important because Muckrakers through their pen had brought about great number of legislations which reformed the American society.
3. Robert LaFollette: He was a leading political figure during the progressive movement.
Robert LaFollette was not only a politician, but also a public reformer. One of the memorable reform during his period were Wisconsin idea. As a leader in progressive era, he came against political bosses and spoke for voting rights of women and race equality. He was against large monopolies and called for tax reforms.
Robert LaFollette was important due to his innovations in government policies. His many number of reforms made him one of the major leaders of the progressive era.
4. Margaret Sanger: Margaret Sanger was a great social reformer and pioneered the birth control movement in United States.
Originally worked as a nurse, Margaret Sanger understood the importance of birth control. It was a time when law forbid mothers from sharing information about birth control. Margaret tirelessly campaigned towards birth control and spread information about birth control. She was able to open the first birth control clinic in United States in 1917 and successful in organizing the Geneva World Population Conference in 1927.
The significance of Margaret Sanger was that her campaigns finally opened the eyes of American government to the need of the birth control. Sharing birth control information became legal in United States in 1937.
5. Square Deal: Square Deal was the policy of President Theodore Roosevelt during his presidency
President Roosevelt gave equal treatment to everyone, but he was against monopolies and looked after the interests of the consumers. Conservation of nature was another factor which falls ...

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