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US History Since 1877 Study Guide

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How do I prepare for my U.S. History Exam?

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This solution offers key terms and study questions for late 19th century US History.

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I. Identification

Mark Twain
Charles Dudley Warner
Jay Gould
Andrew Carnegie
John D. Rockefeller
J.P. Morgan
George Pullman
First Continental Railroad
Cornelius Vanderbuilt
Andrew Carnegie
Vertical integration
Horizontal integration
Social Darwinism
The Gospel of Wealth
Herbert Spencer
Horatio Alger
"self-made man"
American Federation of Labor
Samuel Gompers
Great Railroad Strike of 1877
Knights of Labor
Uriah Stephens
Terence Powderly
Haymarket riot
Henry George
Edward Bellamy
Henry Frick
Pinkerton Detective ...

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